Samadi Bokharaie
Control Engineer, Mathematician, Neuroscientist, Data Scientist.
Political Activist, Photographer. 
What do I do now?
Currently, I work alongside a talented group of individuals on self-driving cars. We aim to commercialise self-driving trucks for the freight industry. You can read all about it here. This is a cool endeavour that touches upon my past experiences as an engineer and a neuroscientist.

What I have done in the past
---> If I can name one thing I have done to serve humanity, it is the work I did when I was working at KU Leuven. I came up with a little trick that allows us to optimise the layout of a wind farm in a matter of minutes using a normal computer, instead of needing a super-computer for weeks or months.  Read more about it here
---> I worked for a few years as a neuroscientist at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. I worked on visual perception in humans, adaptive learning, analysing medical imaging data, and meta-data analysis in neuropharmacology. Also, a few demos of the experiments I did on visual perception can be found on my YouTube channel
---> I am a control engineer by training. My PhD thesis includes new theorems on stability analysis of a class of systems called Monotone Systems. You can read about it here
---> Based on my work during my PhD studies, I came up with some results concerning mathematical epidemiology. Later on, and during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, using my theoretical background and my data science skills, I came up with a method that could allow us to predict the spread of the virus. You can read about it here
---> I have also worked on power systems. Came up with a method to analyse the effects of time-delay on the stability of power systems. More about it here. 
What do I do for fun?
Apart from being a proud father, which takes most of my spare time, I try to engage in various activities. But above all, I love to take photos of people and landscapes. You can find samples of my work here.
Thank you!