Many people have enjoyed reading 1984 by George Orwell. I had the displeasure of living it while growing up in Iran. And although it is many years that I am living in Europe, Ireland, Belgium and now Germany, having such an experience has made me very aware of the suffering of people around the world, in particular those suffering under totalitarian regimes. 
These days, given the ongoing uprising in Iran, which is now a revolution, I try to echo the voice of the Iranian people and what they want and how the Islamic Regime suppressing them, taking away their freedom and their lives. With the help of a group of volunteers, I have set up the following website, and I invite you to read the content and share it as much as you can. The regime in Iran has been busy planting their agents as 'journalists' and as 'consultants' for various western governments. And they have been successful, to some extent, to affect the general discourse about Iran. AS somebody who knows the situation quite well, I find it my responsibility to counter that misinformation campaign. So, please, share this website with whoever you can. 

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